the 151 years

by local one

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This album was created to celebrate the band Local 151. All of the tracks on the album were written for Local 151. Local 151 consisted of the following members:
Greg Michael
Dan Hawthorne
Phil Schroeder
Mark Davisson
Bob Dusek
Tony Leonarduzzi
Gina DiNapoli


released August 18, 2013

All songs were written and performed by Greg Michael.
The album was engineered and produced by Greg Michael at the beautiful UG Studios.
*Double Z Lounge - Mark Davisson co-wrote the lyrics... thanks, MD!

Special thanks to the following for all their help and support:

Katie Michael - I can't thank you enough. Without your patience, this album would not exist. Love you.

Sophie, Jimi, John and Rowan - I hope I didn't keep you up too late at night with my drumming. Love you all!

Jeff Michael - Thanks for all your help. You are, indeed, the best brother I could ever have.

Mom and Dad - You are so loving and understanding. Thank you so much for grounding me. I've not been the same since.

Mark Davisson - Thank you so much for your endless help with REAPER, and all your equipment that you let me use. You are a huge part of this album. Many thanks!

Local 151 - I miss this band dearly. Such good times we had. Thank you all for everything you've taught me. I can't decide which practice day was my favorite... Wednesdays, or Fridays?

Damon Brinson - The album cover is amazing, thanks to you!

Jon Castongia - The use of your bass was key. Thanks!

Saxophone Mike - The cheek hugs carried me on the days I felt low. Thanks!



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local one Rensselaer, Indiana

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Track Name: You're a Pain (in the Right Way)
walking down this country lane
with a rock in my shoe
funny how this little campaign
reminds me of you
now baby don't take it the wrong way
i find it very simple to say
you're a pain in the right way

cruising in my back-beat, beat-up bus
it comes to a halt
pop the hood steam crawling out
you crawl into my head
now baby don't take it the wrong way
i find it very simple to say
you're a pain in the right way

a sharp stick in the eye... hope you're still there
a splinter under my skin... next to yours
a swift slap in the face... the facts you're long gone
it all comes completely clear to me
you're a pain in the right way

putting up that brand new fence
want to keep you out
hammer my thumb instead
thinking of you when i shout
now baby don't take it the wrong way
i find it very simple to say
you're a pain in the right way
Track Name: Part of Us
i looked out
on this yellow sky
the countless times
i said goodbye
so i said

candy lips and finger tips
run around this lonely town
all the time i am here with you
rapture comes and sucks the life from your glow
so no one knows
how you came to be such a fool
so i said

how many times have you woke up to face the day
without the help of anyone in anyway
a simple smile can rattle you
shake your little head, until it means a lot

breathe the air, it's killing you
as a bird flies by and shows off
sweep it under the rug so no one finds it
maybe we'll forget that it was part of us

so now we know
just where we go
Track Name: Sophie Smile
the room lights up
with that quaint little smile
and she says, "daddy, guess what"
i just smile back
and i give her a shrug
then she crawls up in my lap

she looks at me
and sort of shakes her head
then she asks me why i'm so sad
i tell things don't always work out as planned
but daddy's going to protect you from all that he can

sophie smile
all night long
sophie smile
all night long

the years have gone by
and things aren't the same
that quaint little smile still lights that room up again
but one thing's for sure
she's as fine as can be
when she sings this song
happy are we

she's grown tall
and the pain's gone away
i watch her now in a much different way
sophie's smile says, "daddy, i'm okay"
but sophie can i still protect you like always
Track Name: Monster Truck Envy
approval rates mean nothing man
you're right where you want to be
the ultra rich love you
we've got plenty of trees

who needs science
when god is on our side
'cause you don't need stem cells
when it's your time to die

you must be the monster truck envy
riding high crushing the enemy
texas taught you how to kill em all
your most intelligent comeback would be
damn right, yeehaw!

so tap into what those muslims say
who needs privacy anyway
all we need is our walmart
the beef jerky's only $5.98

what's all this talk about oil
it's not like it's running out
those cult-like peak oilers
will see our bombs get it for free

you must be the monster truck envy
riding high crushing the enemy
texas taught you how to kill em all
your most intelligent comeback would be
damn right, yeehaw!

so get along little doggie
i said get along
get along little doggie

get along little doggie
i'm going to texas
where i can be free to drive my suv
listen to my country music really loud
so i can be proud of my confederate flag
of my ignorant dad
who raised me so good

so get along little doggie
i said get along
get along little doggie
Track Name: Because of a Jealous Man
she leaned over and kissed his mouth
she says it's time i go
as she walks to that big wood door
she's got a wiggle going to and fro

as she trudges through that wet, deep snow
she thinks of that kiss once more
love doesn't seem to be what she'll miss
it's leaving that diamond right
those 24 carrot shoe strings
that precious pair of shoes
that velvet dress so blue
so blue

she really likes her material things
she wants more and more and more
answer this if you think you can
should she have to die, because of a jealous man

he follows her to the door
and watches her leave from the window
she doesn't turn to see
he's much more than angry
he lost his mind
it's been gone for some time

he bought himself a gun
she'd better start to run

one little bullet and his life would change
he was told her time had come
her fate lies within his hands
he is god's gun man

clad in black the sun set low
they drop her in the ground
everyone's there except one's in jail
her life was spent, because of a jealous man
Track Name: Splitting Hairs
every time i run away
you let me run away
baby just say stop
i won't hesitate

how many time are we gonna put on this act
before it's too late
how many times are we gonna split these hairs
before it's too late

i say now
you say 10 minutes ago
how are we suppose to grow
when all we do is let our feelings go

how many time are we gonna put on this act
before it's too late
how many times are we gonna split these hairs
before it's too late

relax let it go
baby don't you know
we've got to let it go
Track Name: Double Z Lounge
darkness glows through the headlight woes
traveling along in this smoke-filled song
the plight of the night comes from a 4-hour set
this long, loud night i try hard to forget

the cymbal on the wall signed by joe and the boys
decorates this hall used for drinking and all
the black spray paint covers the plywood floor
the bartender clocks in wishing his time was at the end

at the double z lounge
you can watch a small town
crumble to the ground
at the double z lounge
the cover band plays
and no one seems to care
'cause no one's there

watch the clock sway with another hard round
hear the ringmaster say, "send in the clowns"
why do they come and stay
at the double z lounge

it's a typical sight here on this friday night
her dues are paid
i wonder how many times she's been here
her maniacal moves capture the eyes of many guys
but one particular man who can shred his guitar
like so many can
found himself drawing dead in a stranger's hand
a barroom hustle doing all that he can
Track Name: The Party
looking down through my bubble stained glass
enjoying the view lights all askew
loud laughter finds it's way through the crowd
and cradles the song playing in the background

the stagnant air goes down with the smoke
it makes me feel at ease
lights low embracing the flow of good people i know
then she walked through the door

there she is swaying to and fro
i wonder if she understands the music i love and know
just once will you look my way
if only i could walk i'd stroll over and i would say...

the view of the crowd getting down make me grin
i struggle up out of my chair
now talk with a girl was so easy before
rejection became my middle name

there she goes one of the precious few
i want to go tell her how good i am at sudoku
but here i sit it's just my way
if only i could walk i'd stroll over and i would say...
Track Name: The Things You Do
flannel dreams and historic themes
or maybe a dancer or two
pancake love and the salmon patty blues
witty remarks that crack a smile on the dark side of the moon
arguments with the man in the wheelchair
while other people stare

it's so hard to explain it
the way you do
the things you do

tiny swimming pools and rummage sales
while baking presents with long fingernails
a yarn with a hook that ties the binds of the ancient art of revelry
then you see right through me


long brown sweater and humility
green with love for the cold society
there's no disguising all the ways
in which she can put a grin on me
long days listening to the insecure me


how many times will i count on you
how many times will you pull through
Track Name: I Sideswiped a Car
i get this feeling
that every time i turn around
i drive myself into the ground
i wonder what will become of you

i will render my lust
i can organize the rust
but every time my lights go dim
i want to see your face again

i want to over come
the entire thing i have become
but if you want to be the one
to let the kids look in the sun
go ahead you can be the one
Track Name: Aunt Melody
she can stand all alone
she can be with anyone
she's my aunt and i love her so
she's your aunt too
she's for everyone

she visits me when she can
she makes me laugh and cry
friday nights she comes unglued
she there on wednesdays
but she's more subdued

she's my aunt melody
she makes great company
she's your aunt melody
she makes great company

walking home she comes along
loud sometimes, sometimes not as strong
her contributions are unparalleled
she brought us together
she's cast her spell on me

she hears me out
she's always there
she helps me sort my troubles without a care
i pour my heart out she understands
without her life would be awfully bland
Track Name: Quick Fix
in pure disgust i say my lines
certain to find my peace of mind
genuine thought has not served me well
so i lie to myself

all i need is my quick fix for now

creep inside and take what's theirs
asleep at the wheel i head upstairs
but I'm not out to hurt anyone
what have i become

all i need is my quick fix for now

it's patience that i lack and time that i need
one of these days i'll take the time indeed
to make myself a better man
i'm gonna do all i can
to make myself a better man

duck tape that leak for now...
Track Name: My Place to Fall
that first cup of coffee
that first cigarette
i got the highway in front of me
endless summer pumping on my cd player

picking my six-string on my day off
early friday afternoon
singing these songs with this rocking band called
rad nasties or nostril or local 151

well all these things make me grin real big
that's all fine and well
but without you there's nothing at all
you're my place to fall

campfire sing alongs all night long
sitting down with the sunday paper
riding my bike when i was ten
i'd like to do it all over again
sleeping in on a sunday morn
i found a $20 bill in the coat i haven't worn

i say
i feel okay
life is good
dig it if you think you could


when i see your face my eyes light up
when i feel your touch something else brightens up
when i hear your voice i have no choice
you're my place to fall